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La Soirée

  Laurie is utterly thrilled to join the cast of La Soirée in Aalborg from 17-26 August!

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21st Century Burlesque

Laurie Hagen is, hands down, one of the most multi-talented, endearing, dedicated and creative women I have ever met, with an inspiring story to tell. When I first saw Laurie Hagen perform, years ago now, I knew I had seen something very special, and I was thrilled when I read and heard the reaction to …

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Vegas Nocturne

VEGAS NOCTURNE is the show that refuses to lie down. Preserving the heritage of one of the world’s great circus families, Spiegelworld first presented the Falzone-Buzukhovs in Las Vegas in 2014. But after seven months, the show was unceremoniously evicted. The desperate remnants of this family troupe of farceurs were forced to hit the road …

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