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Vegas Nocturne

VEGAS NOCTURNE is the show that refuses to lie down. Preserving the heritage of one of the world’s great circus families, Spiegelworld first presented the Falzone-Buzukhovs in Las Vegas in 2014. But after seven months, the show was unceremoniously evicted.

The desperate remnants of this family troupe of farceurs were forced to hit the road with a big show and nowhere to go. Since leaving Las Vegas, the show has had sell-out seasons at The Slipper Room in New York City, Three Clubs in Los Angeles and was voted The Strangest Show at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Now the story continues as the seven six five remaining Falzone-Buzukhov family members muster all they have left to give for a limited season at House of Yes in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

This just might be the worst night of the greatest show that nobody ever saw!

Spiegelworld is the creator of the hit comedy Absinthe which began at New York’s South Street Seaport and has just recently celebrated its fifth anniversary at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

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