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Just before the show starts, they welcome our audience with a fun and glamorous intro: skilled burlesque performers, our “Crazy Entertainers” share a definite vision of their MC role. Spotlight on the delightful and imaginative Laurie Hagen, who contributes a fabulous interlude to “Totally Crazy!”.

Tell us where your love of performing comes from…

Right from when I was a little girl, I went with my mother to her tap class. I nagged her for a pair of those special shoes until she bought me some! That’s when dance and performing became part of my life. I took classes at the Antwerp Royal Ballet School and I watched all the musicals I could, on video and live in London, always with my mother. When they saw how passionate I was, my parents let me leave home for the Arts Educational School in London, where I was a student for 3 years.

How did burlesque become part of your life?

It took a while, because my first job was as a dancer in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as a plate and a napkin. I had an injury, so I went back to college to work on my acting: in one piece, I played a showgirl and I went to see some burlesque shows while I was working on the role. And they were just wonderful: I loved the freedom and imagination of the performers and I knew that’s what I wanted to do! So I did the Polly Rae burlesque training, really enjoyed it… three weeks later, I had an audition and joined her company.

What attracts you to cabaret?

I like the fact that I can be a unique character composed of what I have to offer as a performer and being able to make all the decisions myself, whether it’s the design, the music, the choreography… And the atmosphere is magical, it’s a celebration and not a competition.

Who’s the Laurie Hagen we see on stage?

Being on stage brings out the extrovert in me. I feel powerful, like I wish I could be in everyday life, because I’m actually quite shy. My character is a bit crazy and extravagant, mainly because of my enormous wig which has a life all of its own.

Did you ever dream about Crazy Horse Paris?

Oh yes, it’s a real privilege to be the one welcoming the audience and putting them at ease before the show! That’s how I see my job: making sure that everyone watching is relaxed and ready to enjoy the show. I try to make them feel involved, because it’s really important for the Crazy Girls, fantastic performers that they are, to feel the audience’s reactions and emotions. So I get in among the tables, I talk to people, ask them questions, I might sit on someone’s lap, I take charge a little bit and that creates a sense of co-conspiracy and warmth that audiences love.

What do you have in common with the Crazy Girls?

Well, physically, not much because I’m only 5ft 2. They seem like an unattainable ideal: dazzling, free and sensual. What we do have in common is our unique way of expressing ourselves on stage and our sense of humour: the Crazy Girls are incredible dancers, but they’re also actors, you can see it. They are untouchable, even though they touch the whole world.

“Laurie is a great performer, an outstanding MC, she speaks several languages, she’s funny. She’s audacious and she’s a super singer!”

Andrée Deissenberg, Chief Creative Officer

Come and discover “ Totally Crazy!” and our Crazy Entertainer Laurie Hagen for an evening full of surprises…